The installation of a new measuring machine Carl Zeiss CONTURA G2 RDS.


High quality requires accurate measurement of, that allow you to specify, or manufactured products meet the highest standards. As a company with many years of experience we can provide the customer, that we meet the highest standards in metering. Our measuring laboratory is equipped with modern and precise measuring machine współrzędnościową CONTURA G2, where the manufacturer is the company Carl ZEISS – a leader on the world market in the production of measuring machines coordinate measuring. CONTURA G2 has an automatic temperature compensation, as well as the expansion of zero straight edge, allowing you to reach the peak measuring technique to the nearest MPEE = 1,9 + L/300 µm. Scanning head VAST XXT ensures quick and accurate measurement. Of course, all of this would not be possible without qualified staff, who has the appropriate qualifications and certificates.