Fast design

Bakpit ( 3D) gives you the ability to create physical models and prototypes based on three-dimensional 3D model. Three-dimensional printing allows you to visualize all product components details. SLS - Selective Laser Sintering allows you to create product concept, eliminating the risk of failure of a complete production of the product.

Incremental technology enables you to perform from short series of prototype small production batches.

3D prints (3(D) printing) one of the techniques of the broader group known as the rapid implementation of prototypes, for a quick, precise and repetitive production of. These prints will definitely limit the time and reduce the costs associated with the implementation of prototypes. 3D printing technology thanks to the high resolution was used in many areas of our lives (the aviation industry, Automotive, medical, electronic etc.)


Company PolyJet, PolyJet Matrix 3(D) :


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