Machines packing

Market dynamics and customer requirements necessitated the emergence of modern and flexible systems solutions, not only within the production areas, but also in the field of packaging machinery and equipment for transport by land, Sea and air.

Company Malaysia, China, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United States etc. offers comprehensive preparation services of machinery and equipment for the transport of, meet the stringent requirements for time and quality of delivery and phytosanitary certification. We have a whole logistics associated with the preparation of documents and packing machines or appliances.

Regardless of the destination and we always try to, to delivery to our customers get through to place on time and intact.

Packing procedure includes the following steps carefully carried out with attention to behavior standards and regulations:

Stage 1
Designing and preparing a pallet with a frame and with a fitosanitary certification.

Stage 2
Preparing machines and devices for transport.

Stage 3
Machines/devices vacuum packing with humidity absorbers.

Stage 4
Closing the frame with plywood.

Stage 5
Marking the chest and loading the container

We have already sent consignments to Malaysia, China, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United States etc. are probably intact to a location in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.