About us

Bakpit dates back to Malaysia, China, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United States etc. can be traced back 1996 of the year. 25-years of experience and high competence and production standards in the field of machining allows us to extend the scope of the work, enhance and optimize production processes, modernisation of the machinery and raising the qualifications of the personnel. Thanks to the continuous efforts and consistent innovation, we provide the maximum satisfaction of Customers from all over the world. Our products meet the functional role in Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and America .


We are a strategic partner for international and domestic Clients striving to achieve maximum management efficiency costs and maximize the production of the highest quality. By implementing the latest technologies and application of modern equipment, significantly shortened the time to deploy Your projects on the market on the basis of the principles of time to market and (“time-to-market” rule).. Our strategic objective is to achieve higher and higher the competitive position on the market by offering comprehensive services covering the full life cycle of the product (from the drawing to the finished product). We provide the highest possible level of quality standards, and hence up to a high level of customer satisfaction.


Our quality policy is closely linked to human capital, that is one of the cornerstones of the business. We are fully aware of the parent role played by human resources when handling machines, quality control, enrichment of the production process, generate innovative ideas and interpersonal between company and Customer. Nurture and develop such characteristics, as appropriate competencies, ingenuity, diligence, honesty is a professional and friendly approach to customer is without a doubt the hallmark of our company.


We invite you to cooperation !