We offer CNC services: is a fundamental technique for the manufacture of machine parts, devices, commercial items, etc., to transmit to the desired shape obrabianemu, dimensions and characteristics of the surface layer by removing material by means of a cutting tool. Ready you can detail be plating processes (anodizing, galvanizing etc.. ), to corrosion and mechanical surface or ornamental purposes. Anodized aluminum alloys are the characteristic texture.

An extremely important aspect during machining is the accuracy and precision of the implementation of the. Production of details of the highest quality is a serious and extremely difficult challenge for any manufacturer. For us it is a value that determines the level of customer satisfaction and has a significant impact on continued raising our competence. Therefore, we use materials with complete certificates that meet strict standards.


We offer a complete and professional range of CNC machining services (modern computer-controlled machines, machining):

Epoxy Gee,
Redutherm and many other.


Using a material-removing machining process of forming such materials surrender, as:

- Carbon steels, stainless steel, acid-proof
- Non-ferrous metals (Bronze, Brass, Copper, Aluminum)
- Plastics (in this PEEK)

- Other materials (including ISOLA, LOMIX, EPOXY GEE, REDUTHERM)


We specialize in the processing of materials such as:





Epoxy Gee

... and other.