Waterjet-cutting with a stream of water

is a generic name or a variety of cutting-off technology of materials using water under very high pressure. About obtaining effective with abrasive water jet cutting effect determines several factors, that determine the precision and quality of the cutting water jet and have a significant impact on the quality of the cutting process, and hence on the performance and accuracy of the.


One of the devices used by our company in the process of cutting and punching is the latest generation of machine-Waterjet, with easy to use, quick and precise system that allows for the reduction in costs. WaterJet device allows you to cut faster, more efficiently and accurately, What's driving the increase in the level of production and more efficient allocation of resources. Our device cut elements from all materials, such as constantly black, stainless steel and acid-proof, non-ferrous metals (Bronze, copper, brass and aluminum), glass and ceramics, as well as stone. The technology allows the cutting of very hard materials (for example,. Titanium) with a thickness of 150 mm and more.




WaterJet installation meets the needs of users in terms of cutting of flat elements from all materials directly from CAD files and DXF. Super hard materials, odbłyskowe or fragile do not constitute any problem. Cutting with WaterJet saves times and reduce material consumption. Thanks to the possession of a precise and very fast water jet cutting Center we can cut any shape, what enables us to make effective cooperation with clients representing different economic sectors.


To increase the level of satisfaction of even the most Customer-oriented wymagająco our company has purchased software support, that is a powerful tool allows you to perform Our Waterjet device fulfills customer’s demands in the area of cutting out flat elements from all materials – stone, steel, glass, wood or plastic, directly from CAD and DXF files. Ultra-hard, reflective or fragile materials are not a problem for this machine either. (density of detail) at the highest level of efficient at maximum reduce material waste.