Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The website owner is trying to use the best practices and treat all users in a fair and open. By using the Site you agree to our use of cookies, in order to provide you comfort while browsing the site. None of the cookies used on our websites do not collect identifiable information to the user.

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What is a cookie?

In today's world, virtually every Web site uses cookies, ie cookies. They consist of small text files stored on the device's final. They are created by your browser and store the settings and information you need (and often necessary) for proper operation of the website. Subsequent visits to the site with the same device can check the browser, if there are cookies that store important information and send it back to the visited site, who previously wrote a cookie on your device. The site in this way can recognize, that you visited it before, and such. adjust the content presented to the recipient.

The advantages of cookies

Cookies facilitate the user to use a previously visited web pages by him. If you use the same device and browser as before, This allows storing preferences and allows you to properly display the web page, tailored to their individual needs. Cookies allow you to create statistics, to help understand, how Users access the website, This allows you to improve the structure and content. They also allow for the maintenance of the Service User sessions (after logging in), so that each successive sub-service is not required to log in again.

Monitoring and deleting cookies

The user may at any time change the way the use of cookies. Most browsers offer the ability to accept or reject all cookies, accept only certain types or inform you every time, when a website is trying to save them. The user can also easily delete cookies, that have already been stored on the device browser. Ability to manage and delete cookies vary from browser. All the necessary information You may find using the Help function in your browser or by visiting the website, which explains, how to control and delete cookies in the most popular browsers. remember, that blocking all cookies may result in difficulties in the operation or altogether prevent the use of some functionality.

What site uses cookies?

The website uses cookies, which can be grouped as follows:

  • "necessary" – or enabling the use of the services available within the Service, for example,. Supporting the session when the user logs
  • "functional" – files to "remember" the selected settings and affecting the personalization of the interface
  • "protecting" -support to ensure the safety of
  • "performance" – files to collect information about how you use the service

How to change the settings for cookies in my browser?

For information on changing the settings of cookies in different browsers are available on the following pages:

Cookies settings Internet Explorer
Cookies settings Chrome
Cookies settings Firefox
Cookies settings Opera
Cookies settings Safari

Information for mobile devices are available on the following pages:

Cookies in Android
Cookies in BlackBerry
Cookies in iOS (Safari)
Cookies in Windows Phone