Machines and devices

For years, our company has been offering machines and devices supporting production on special order. Our experience and knowledge allows you to fit the product to each production. When you contact a client specifies the target, destiny, time of use, etc..

Based on this information our team develops documentation, which shall be agreed with the customer. The end result is a product that gives full satisfaction to both parties. Our advantage is quality and short term implementation from concept to installation and training at customer.

We designed and developed the following products :


  • Welders working in automatic cycle for 16 at the electrodes
  • Automatic welders wheel with the cycle which 90 degrees and positioning accuracy to 0, 02mm and smoothly adjustable shock zgrzewajÄ…cym from 0, 05A to 1800A .
  • Manual and pneumatic presses
  • Testers and testing devices
  • Production and technological lots
  • conveyors , transporters , chain, etc..
  • cabines for electronics explosion-proof Ex .
  • Aluminium constructions
  • Universal and specialized soldering frames
  • Stands for machine feeders
  • Tripods, information boards
  • specialized transport pallets of finished products and semi-finished products.

Our products comply with the standards CE and upon request, ESD, Ex, etc.